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The word has Javanese roots and because of this most people a Javanese batik to be the most traditional of the fabric that is used in many cultures. Batik indonesia is just as common as well as China, Japan, Egypt, and India. The fabric is defined by the relief method used to create the design. The coloring of traditional clothes will vary depending on the region. Each region will have its own natural dyes in the region. Most traditional colors are a combination of browns, indigos, and cream or white. In certain cultures, patterns and designs are reserved for certain families or royalty just as a tartan plaid or shield. The popular fabric has found its way into modern fashion just as it has traditional attire. This is no wonder considering that the fabric has been found from Japan to Senegal as far back as the 4th century BCE. It has been around for thousands of years and just keeps getting more popular.


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