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What is batik? Batik is a technique that originates in Indonesia. Batik is a way of applying designs to fabric through the use of wax. Wax is applied to the surface of the fabric in a design created by the batik artist. These designs can be purely geometric and they can also be representational. Batik designs range from simplistically beautiful to extremely complex. The fabric is then soaked in a richly pigmented dye. Depending on the complexity of the design, the process of applying wax and dying may be repeated several times. It also depends on how many colors are to be involved in the final piece.

This technique creates rich, gorgeous patterns. Its look cannot be replicated. Here, personal touches are key. One can never be sure exactly how the dye will take to the fabric. A “crackling” effect from the wax splitting is very common. This creates gorgeous looking cracks that permeate the designs.


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