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If you are a lover of fabric and art, I’m sure that you must have come across the beauty of batiks. Batik indonesia fabrics is a cloth that is traditional in Indonesia. But batiks are not your ordinary fabrics that you can pick up a bolt of at the local craft center; these cloth lengths, which are usually manually dyed using a wax-resist technique, are truly a work of art. Each batik tells a rich story from the maker, who incorporates patterns by using themes from their everyday lives. Some common patterns involve the use of flowers, animals, or stories taken from folk tales.

Batiks were originally used for clothing, but nowadays the design has become so popular that it is used for wall art, paintings, furnishing cloth. The pricing of batiks are widely varying, depending on the quality of the piece. The batik look is gorgeously rich and ornate, and would definitely add a great touch to any wardrobe.



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