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My daughter has made a request that I sew her bridesmaids dresses. I am so happy that she has asked me to be part of the wedding planning. She said that she will look into batik indonesia fabrics for me to use as well. I love working with beautiful and colorful fabric. Now that the pressure is on, I am going to have to do a good job, especially since she is buying such exotic fabrics for me to work on. I will need to take measurements from each bridesmaid and hope that they stay the same size. The wedding is a few months away, and I am not sure if these girls are planning to go on a diet! I am a little nervous, but I am sure that I will do a good job. I can’t believe that she found some excellent quality fabric of this type. It just makes me happy because I get to work with something that I keep hearing about but never actually worked on before.



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