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Batik fabric is produced through a wax-resist dyeing process. This means that high-quality fabric is treated with wax. Designs – usually floral prints and geometric shapes – are carved into the wax. The cloth is then dyed, and the areas still covered in wax are not exposed to the coloring agents. The waxing and dyeing process can be repeated multiple times to produce fabric with many colors. This process creates beautiful, striking designs when performed professionally. Although this type of fabric has a long history and has been produced in many countries, today it is indelibly associated with Indonesia. When it comes to batik indonesia design is recognized as the world’s finest and most beautiful. Since the emergence of modern Indonesia in the 60s, batik’s popularity in the country has waxed (pun not intended) and waned, but its value as an international export has always remained high. Its high quality has commanded consistently high prices.


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