I recently visited Indonesia and brought home two lovely batik dresses as souvenirs from my journeys. Though these dresses are not quite as popular as I would like in the United States, they are cool and comfortable so very appropriate for everyday wear. The fabrics that were used to make my dresses are lovely, with a beautiful flower pattern in very subtle shades of pink and grey. I found the dresses in a traditional market, and bought them right from the lady that created the fabric and sewed the dresses. That makes them all the more special to me. She offered me a very fair price for the two dresses, and even gave me a discount for buying more than one. I plan to wear my dresses when I go to church, but I also think they would be lovely dresses to wear for a day at the beach. I would love to see these dresses become more popular in the United States so that I could wear them more often.


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